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Serving people living with paralysis (Spinal Cord Injuries - SCI) and their families
Peer Mentoring Action (PMA)


We are focused on increasing access to nature for physical and mental health benefits and boosting opportunities for a more organic SCI peer mentoring experience. AAW does this by providing outdoor wheelchairs with tracks for people with spinal cord injuries to use for free. No one is left on “the sidelines” because they cannot access terrain at outdoor activities, follow a naturalist, lead a family member along a trail, or go off-trail.

AAW with community partners share information about WI and Northern IL outdoor events with people living with existing and new SCI. AAW has a unique position having existing clients who have spinal cord injuries and family members who are out experiencing nature and living life and are located throughout the state.  Co-hosted outdoor events in urban and rural settings allow people living with SCI and their families to participate together. This allows a more natural opportunity for informal peer mentoring. In addition, AAW is creating opportunities for independence to empower individuals and family members to have outdoor adventures on their own terms at their favorite locations.

Featuring PMA - SCI

We encourage those who have adjusted to living with an SCI to become a PMA Ambassador. If any family member wants to be available for serving as a peer mentor to other SCI family members to become a PMA Family Ambassador. Anyone and everyone affected may need some support.

For those individuals and family members who may need a peer mentor or want to be an ambassador, please fill out the PMA Request form.

We are also working on a PMA Outdoors Access 4 All! application with the support of grantors. Should you be interested in identifying wonderful nature places to visit or other activities for peer mentoring action, please let us know. 

Peer Mentoring Action (PMA) - This video shows us having fun in nature and sharing stories. 

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