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Serving Older Adults: Unlocking Possibilities and Enhancing Lives

Serving older adults is one of the many services provided by AAW. Our comprehensive programs provide support and resources to older adults, helping them stay healthy, active, and engaged in their communities. We work with organizations and collaborate on how to blend and market "Outdoors Access 4 All!" within their programs to enhance services with the goal to increase health and wellness by providing opportunities to experience nature and access the great outdoors.

AARP Video featuring AAW

Increasing Access to Outdoors in the Community


We work closely with older adult community centers, health care providers, nature centers, environmental organizations (e.g. Audubon Society) and human service agencies to train them on AAW equipment and processes. By working with our partners and making our expertise and adaptive equipment available, we increase dignity and freedom for individuals with mobility issues, build closer connections among family members, and also increase access, representation, and participation in the community.


Providing outdoor wheelchairs & trailers to a community is a starting point to assist those with mobility issues to be active in their community. Typically, older adult centers and underserved populations in rural communities lack sufficient transportation modes to carry outdoor transportation equipment that can be utilized by people with mobility issues. A livable community requires accessibility, and our outdoor wheelchairs and towable trailers provide that access to the outdoors, ensuring that the livable components of the community (parks & playgrounds) are accessible.

To learn more about AAW and the benefits of using the outdoor chair, click the video below.

 AAW's mission is to provide opportunities to access outdoor recreational experiences for people with temporary or permanent physical challenges (whether acquired at birth or later in life) by promoting access, inclusion, equity, and healthy living. We provide for free (with a small refundable deposit and completed survey), an outdoor wheelchair and enclosed trailer that individuals can use to explore the outdoors.

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