The mission of AAW is supported entirely by donations of both money and time.  If the mission of AAW resonates with you, and you wish to make a donation of money, please click on the "Donate" button above.  

To support “Outdoors Access 4 All” as a volunteer, please get involved!  Review the volunteer opportunities we have available and sign up. 

Here is a Community Service Opportunity- Host an Outdoor All-Terrain Wheelchair Because Everyone in Your Community Deserves a Chance to Enjoy WI Outdoor Resources See our new locations under the Reservations tab.

We have many outdoor events. Please join us as a volunteer or stop by to check out the outdoor wheelchairs. 

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation awards AAW
Nelson Family Foundation awards AAW

We can only be as successful as our supportive businesses and volunteers! Your donations make the difference.

Thank you to the grantors and business sponsors!


Thank you to our volunteers, the family, and individuals who give of their time and money.


  • Mr. & Mrs. Aardappel in honor of Ray Anderson

  • Ray Anderson
  • Michael Hay

  • Chad Hermanson

  • John Kilian

  • Dustin Palenshus

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rohn

  • Steven J. Spaeni

  • Gary and Cathy Stott

Some individuals prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you!


We are extending our thanks to you also!

AAW ribbon cutting ceremony

Reserve an Outdoor All-Terrain Wheelchair (OWC) today:



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