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"OUTDOORS Access 4 All!"

 Access Ability Wisconsin, Inc., (AAW) is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.​

Nature is for everybody & every BODY!

Discover the great outdoors with Access Ability Wisconsin.


In Wisconsin
Over 5.7 million acres are publicly owned and used for parks, forests, trails, and natural resource protection. Over 600,000 people in Wisconsin have some sort of disability that limits their access to that public land. With all of the proven benefits of outdoor recreation, everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors!


How dedicated is your organization to providing equitable access to nature for people of all abilities? By partnering with AAW, local organizations collaborate with us to create outdoor activities, events, and recreational spaces that are welcoming and accessible for everyone. By blending our "Outdoors Access 4 All!" model with partners' programming,  together we strive to increase access to the natural world and empower individuals in underserved communities to explore, learn, and appreciate the outdoors.

AAW provides outdoor access services to organizations wanting to include people of all abilities, from equipment reservations to education and awareness programs. We strive to connect community members with the outdoors to create positive experiences, build connection to nature, and foster a sense of exploration and discovery. Our goal is to make the outdoors more accessible for all while keeping nature as pristine as possible, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of nature.
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Individuals - Here's a way to have access to the outdoors for your adventure. Reserve a chair and trailer today!

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* For individuals who have mobility limitations (including those with acquired and birth-related disabilities), AAW’s provides at no cost with a required small refundable deposit and completed survey, an outdoor wheelchair (OWC) & enclosed trailer that individuals can use to explore the great outdoors.

AAW’s fleet includes event trailers that hold multiple OWCs for organizations to partner with AAW on events and outdoors access.
AAW's Network is in WI and IL. 
AAW collaborates with states all across the country.